Changing Git Remotes and Capistrano

A quick look at some recent issues I had when trying to move git remotes and then deploying with Capistrano and how I resolved the issue.

AssetPath with ActionController::Metal

Getting proper asset paths with the asset pipeline while working with a controller which doesn't inherit from ActionController::Base can be a bit confusing. Learn how to get it working here.

CSS3 Transition Idiom

As more browsers are starting to support CSS3 transitions I've found myself trying to take advantage of their availability more and more. I discuss browser feature detection and how to determine CSS3 capabilities the user's browser has via JavaScript. Further, I explore how easy it is to make use of CSS transitions in browsers that support it or use JavaScript animations for those that don't.

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Simple Sinatra Service Proxy

Use Sinatra to rapidly build a proxy for a service when you can't make cross-origin AJAX requests in development.

Bringing back the image map

I've just finished working with an image map for the first time in a while. Now, you may be thinking, "Why in the world would anyone want to touch an image map?", but they still do serve a purpose. Image maps are still in fact part of the HTML5 specification.

Gradient Generator Updated!

After about a year since being updated I've just released a long awaited update to the CSS3 Gradient Generator. This update includes an updated page design as well as some new features. The biggest of these include the often asked for option of being able to choose HEX colors instead of RGB. A full list of release notes can be found below.

Using Uploadify with Rails 3

I recently worked on a couple of Rails projects which both implemented the ability to upload photos to the server. One of these projects required the ability to upload multiple files at once and since HTML5 multi-file uploads aren't ready yet I needed another solution. So I decided to move forward using a Flash based uploader, specifically Uploadify. Uploadify is a jQuery plugin which allows you to upload multiple files through a Flash based interface which provides helpful functionality like progress bars and multi-upload queuing, along with this, it's super easy to use.

About iPhone Web Applications

Let me start by this post by specifying that it actually originated from another post that I’m working on right now, but while writing it I went off on quite a tangent that I decided it was time to make it into a completely separate post, and start off with it. So this is part one of an iPhone web application piece that I am working on. While I am it, let me point out what the scope of this article is. This article is not about how to write an iPhone web application. It does not go into details on the syntax or use of technologies for the iPhone. It does explain some of the misconceptions between iPhone applications, iPhone targeted websites, and finally, iPhone Web Applications. I do plan to write more about the iPhone web application technologies and provide some examples and working code, but that is all currently beyond the scope of this article.

Welcome to

Welcome to, formerly It's been quite a while since I've maintained a blog but I feel that now is a good time to get back to blogging. I wish I had some of my old articles/tutorials from but I think their long gone, maybe I'll do some digging to see if I can find them.